In the beginning, There were two playas, one vision. This is a story that starts back as far as March 14, 1984, the day both Melman and JUG made their introduction. That day two of hip hops greats were born at Grady hospital in Atlanta, GA. No relations at the time, its almost as if they were placed on the thrown they sit on. They would finally cross paths at the young age of 13. Ironically, Melman moved right aross the street from JUG’s grandparents on Cannon St off of Candler Rd in Decatur, GA. There a friendship formed into a brotherhood, and the birth of PLAYA PARTNAS begin. Now on a mission to expand their brand and leave their mark on a generation in dying need of some type of inspiration and guidence, the Playa Partnas know that its sink or swim. In a competitive industry were you either do one or the other, The Playa Partnas are for sure to not only swim, but float their way to the top (CLOUD LYFE). I like to call their styles a Playalistic, Coming out Hard, Riding Dirty, type of flow, the best to offer in a pot. With their smooth and methodical wordplay over edgy tracks, they manage to paint a very clear picture of their vision.Now, two mixtapes in, countless shows, and a album on the way, 2013 seems promising for the two. Dont just respect the movement, be apart of it! P.L.A.Y.A.S. (People living above your average standards) SEE YOU AT THE TOP!